Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ FAQ

A “cash buyer” is someone or a business that purchases homes without using bank financing (i.e. not an iBuyer or agent). This eliminates the possibility of delays and speeds up the real estate closing procedure. We only make reasonable cash offers for mobile homes at Florida Mobile Home Buyer™. No property appraisals or inspections exist that would prevent the sale from going through. Fill out our form to see how much we can offer for your home if you’re interested in selling it quickly for cash.

Selling to a cash buyer is the quickest way to sell a manufactured home. You are not obligated to wait for financing or to pay for repairs that the lender demands. There are no open houses, unlike when using a real estate agent. At closing, you will get what we offer. Homes are bought through Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ in as little as 5 days! By completing our form (we simply require the property address and email), you may get started right away!

Selling your house to a mobile home cash buyer isn’t necessarily better. Each homeowner might have different goals for what they would like to accomplish.

Some people prefer a cash buyer since it is quicker. They don’t need to find a real estate agent, make renovations, manage showings, clean, wait for a buyer, order an appraisal and inspection, or deal with the typical closing delays brought on by lenders and contract conditions when they have a cash buyer.

Other sellers may not mind handling everything and waiting months to get top price (less closing fees and agent commission) for their home, in which case a cash buyer is not always the best option.

Each mobile home seller must choose whether a cash buyer is their preferable method of sale. You can fill out our brief form, and one of our home purchasing professionals will get in touch with you if you’d like to see what we can offer for your house without any obligations.

Searching online for businesses that buy mobile home properties for cash, or dealing with a real estate agent are all ways to find a buyer. You can also sell your home “For Sale By Owner” and undertake your own marketing if you’re looking to attract a  We Buy Mobile Homes Company“.

Fill out our online form if you want to sell your home quickly and get a cash offer for it today with no strings attached! We are a group of home buyers willing to buy your house in cash. Feel free to give us a call! (###) ###-####

Selling a mobile home in 5 days is difficult even for the most seasoned home buyers. Our mobile home specialists at Florida Mobile Home Buyer normally anticipate a cash offer will take 5-7 days to close at the earliest. We’ve been buying mobile homes for over 10 years and have the team and resources available to get the job done quickly.

Avoid delays and sell as quickly as you can with a reputable mobile home buyer company—we can close in a week and make free cash offers to help you sell your manufactured home!

Cash Offers In 48hrs Or Less!

Our 3-Step Process was designed to make your selling process fast and easy!

Get A Cash Offer ASAP!

Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ buys mobile homes in any condition. No risk. No obligations. ASAP.

Find Out What We Can Offer For Your House In CASH!

    Yes! We help families and homeowners in Florida at every level of the eviction process. If the selling procedure is not completed promptly, the mobile home park will eventually take possession of your manufactured or mobile home. We advise acting as quickly as possible to ensure that you are compensated for your mobile. In less than 48 hours, Florida Mobile Home Buyers will buy your mobile home for cash! Just fill out our quick form to get your free cash offer today!

    YES! We have a reputation as a flexible business that makes working with us enjoyable. In challenging times, we love helping families, and we buy mobile homes in any condition. Find out how we can help you and your family by getting in touch with us right away.

    NONE! Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ purchases manufactured homes AS-IS for CASH. No repairs are required before selling your mobile home to us. Give us a call (###) ###-#### to get your cash offer or fill out the quick form!

    Definitely! In the even that this happens, it’s possible to have a judgment of eviction on your record for seven years. Additionally, this will make it more challenging for you to buy a house in the future. Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ can purchase your mobile home fast, allowing you to take care of your troublesome mobile home while paying off your obligations.

    Yes and no. At Florida Mobile Home Buyer™, we are committed to educating mobile home owners about the mobile home selling process. We can assist you in discovering the benefits and drawbacks of selling your mobile home through Florida realtors as well as the shady fees related to realtors. We adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the State of Florida, which expedites and simplifies the selling process.