About Florida Mobile Home Buyer™

Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ is a family-owned business located in Tampa, FL. We're dedicated to changing lives one family, and one individual at a time.

What We Stand For

To help mobile homeowners out of sticky situations like repossession, owning a burdensome property, mobile home ownership, or anything else, we offer win-win alternatives. At Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ we are committed to helping you find a resolution to your problem so you can keep doing the things you enjoy.

We’re a direct mobile home buyer company situated in Tampa, FL. We are a family-owned company that specializes in assisting mobile home owners like you in finding answers to your issues, whether you are facing a repossession, are unable to sell your house, or just need to sell your mobile home for any number of reasons.

Our Core Values


As the old saying goes… “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. We respect all of our customers and the decisions they make when selling their home. We understand not every sale is equal.


We operate with honesty, and want to make sure each and every customer understands our process. Being upfront is essential to ensuring a smooth sale and making sure every customer wins.


Integrity is the founding pillar of our business. What is respect and honesty without integrity. We’re consistent across the board in making sure we provide quality service to all of our customers.

Our Mission

We’re here to provide the greatest possible service to each and every homeowner. Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ is here to help you explore all of your alternatives, whether that entails buying your house quickly for cash or assisting you in finding a better fit for your home sale.

How We Started Florida Mobile Home Buyer™

My name is Matt, and this is Becca. We buy mobile homes across the entire state of Florida. We treat our customers with respect, honesty, and integrity.

Our passion for the Florida manufactured housing was born four years ago, and today we take pride in helping families out of sticky situations, like evictions, owning burdensome mobile homes, or probate. We strive to provide reliable assistance to your family every step of the way, no matter how difficult the situation might be.

We know that selling a mobile home in Florida can be stressful, and difficult considering all of the moving pieces to get the job done. We have helped many homeowners by making the mobile home selling process quick, easy, and stress-free (not to mention – agent and commission-free). We don’t even make you clean up and repair the trailer!

About FL Mobile Home Buyer